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Things to Buy After Moving into a New Home

Jan 27, 2020

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Things to Buy After Moving into a New Home


When you’re getting ready to move into a new home, additional things that are needed may come as a surprise. For most first time home buyers, you may find yourself in and out of the store quite often while you’re moving. Certain things can easily slip your mind during the process, so here is a list of a few necessities to get after your big move. 



Blinds are an item that aren’t typically included in new homes unless they are written into the contract or a previous owner decided to leave them. If your new home doesn’t have blinds and/or curtains, you’ll want to grab those immediately to prevent others from peeking into your windows as you unpack. 


Cleaning Supplies

Basic supplies such as brooms, mops and sponges may have been looked over during the move. If these didn’t make it to the moving truck, head to your local grocery or home improvement store to stock up. Even though the home is new, there will be loads of dirt and debris from unpacking. 



It’s smart to have a couple of flashlights handy throughout the house in the event of any potential issues. Keep one under the kitchen sink, in the garage, and in a hall closet where they can be easily accessed if the power goes out for any reason or if you need to look in a small, dark space. 


Trash Cans and Bags

Unpacking will produce a decent amount of trash. Be sure to have a trash can available and large bags for all of your moving scraps. 



Even though your new home likely has light bulbs installed already, it’s a good idea to keep some in stock as a backup. Some leftover bulbs may be older or some rooms could have none at all. Consider investing in LED lighting for more energy efficiency. 


Tool Kit

Keep some basic tools handy during your move. Whether it be picture hanging materials or a screwdriver, you’ll need something along the way and a small toolbox will come in handy. 


Don’t be caught off guard and unprepared during your move-in. If you’re planning on moving soon, go ahead and stock up on these basics to be one step ahead.