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Where to Store Your Decor

Dec 12, 2019

Where to store your decor banner

One of the best parts of the holiday season is breaking out all of your beautiful decorations or shopping for new ones. Filling your home with the joyful spirit is a priceless time that everyone enjoys. A lesser-enjoyed part of the season is taking down all of these decorations and deciding where to store them. Once the season is over, you’ll want to restore your home back to normal which can take time. If you’re having trouble trying to figure out what to do with your decor, take a look at these tips for storing smart. 


Christmas Linens

Before you think about storing your holiday linens (tablecloths, blankets, accent towels, etc.), put them in the washer to remove all stains and odors. To avoid the risk of damage from moisture, put the linens in a suitcase before placing into a closet. It’s best to keep linens out of the attic as the musty smell can be overpowering and soak into the linens. 



Wreaths are tricky to store due to their irregular shape and sometimes delicate ribbon accents or bows. You’ll need to store them in such a way that the shape is preserved throughout the year. Search for a box that will have ample room for the wreath or special storage bags. These can go in the attic for the year. 



If you are taking Christmas tree ornaments to the attic, be sure to store them safely. Smaller ornaments can be protected in egg cartons. For larger ornaments, create cardboard dividers to place into a plastic tote or use drawer dividers. 



Your favorite holiday scented candles are probably better off being stored in the home as opposed to the attic. Candles are more prone to the elements in the attic, which poses potential damage to the wick or the glass jar. Instead, wrap each candle securely in newspaper or bubble wrap and keep them at the top of a linen closet. 


This should give you a solid head start on efficiently storing your holiday decorations. Remember, the attic isn’t ideal for everything and it is important to use your best judgment when deciding how to preserve the decor.