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Winter Landscaping

Jan 10, 2020

Winter landscaping banner

Landscaping and maintaining curb appeal can be a challenge during cold winter months. Occasionally, the CSRA will get warmer weather to break up the bitter chill but that isn’t always guaranteed. To keep your lawn and garden looking pristine through all seasons, enjoy these tips. 


Prune and Trim

Cut back overgrown shrubs to keep plants fresh and growing healthy. This will ensure beautiful blooms in the spring, leaving your yard the envy of the neighborhood. Another reason to prune in the winter is to prevent insect infestations and damage caused by potential ice storms. 


Clean Debris

If you allow leaves and clutter to pile up over the grass, you’re more likely to have a dull-colored ground full of insects and other critters. Clear the lawn with a blower after your winter grass cutting to help protect it. 


Prep Plant Beds

If you plan to produce new plant beds in the spring, get a head start during the winter. Trim the edges nicely and research the timeline for the plant you are interested in using. Once they are installed correctly, they will bloom beautifully. Plant into a well-draining, elevated plant bed. 


Choose Good Winter Plants

If you’re looking to plant something in the colder months that will still make your yard look beautiful, crabapples produce bright flowers. Their red, yellow, or gold berries will remain through the winter. Year-round perennials are also a good option to keep a vibrant focal point in your landscaping. 



Use a rich fertilizer prior to freezing temperatures rolling in. This will help your lawn grow more green in the spring. 


Maintaining your landscape is a year-round task, but these are just a few extra steps to take as preventative measures in the winter. Making smart decisions now will reap extra benefits in the spring and keep your home picture-perfect.