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11 Reasons to Love Open Floor Plans

Jun 11, 2020

11 reasons to love open floor plans banner


It’s no secret that open floor plans have greatly increased in popularity over the years. The main goal of an open floor plan is to create a more fluid atmosphere between the kitchen, dining room and living room areas as opposed to barriers for each space that would make the home feel smaller. Open floor plans create a smooth flow between each room and homeowners feel a sense of extended space. Here are 11 more reasons open floor plans are so popular: 

Enjoyable Entertaining

Entertaining friends and family is easy and more enjoyable with an open floor plan. Hosting is a breeze, especially during holidays and large celebrations where guests can move freely without running into walls or each other. 

Property Value

Open floor plans add functional square footage, increasing the value of the home later on. If you decide to resell, you’ll likely get a great offer for an open floor plan. 


Lighting extends from room to room with more open space. Rooms will feel warmer and natural lighting from windows will brighten the home up each day. Natural light is proven to increase productivity and improve overall moods. 


Without barriers of doors and walls in every single room, there is open space to move throughout the home during the day. A home with less barriers is convenient for everyone, but especially families with young children. It’s much easier to keep an eye on them and ease some of the day-to-day stress. 

Larger Feel

Walls and doors sectioning off each part of the home can make it feel more closed in. By opening up the space, the home will feel much more spacious. 


Being able to cook and watch kids play at the same time is an incredible benefit for many working parents of the modern day. Merging multiple areas of the home is perfect for anyone who is constantly multitasking. 

Kitchen As a Focal Point

The kitchen is more than a place to cook meals. It is for socialization, spending time together and making memories. Having open access to it will not only be aesthetically pleasing, but allows for more interaction with the family. 

Connection to the Outdoors

Back doors from the living room or kitchen help expand communal space for families and friends who gather in an open floor plan home. The ability to move seamlessly from the indoors to outdoors makes for great summer mealtimes and parties. 

Safer for Children

Open floor plans are safer for young children as it’s easier to keep an eye on them. No need to worry about quickly running around the corner if you hear a scream or suspicious silence! 

Energy Efficiency

Extra walls and doors construct air flow. By eliminating these barriers, you allow air to move more freely throughout the home. The extra natural light will help as well, since you won’t have to keep lights on during sunny days. 

Good for Aging in Place

An open floor plan, especially one that is all on one level, is perfect for enjoying the golden years at home. There are fewer steps and fewer doorways, which allows for improved accessibility. 

If any of these benefits sound good for you, consider purchasing a semi-custom home with an open floor plan today. There are so many options to choose from and custom selections to make that will help it feel like your dream home.