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Why Bill Beazley?

At Bill Beazley Homes, we know our work has to impact the home buyer in a way that leaves them speechless. Our goal to place you in a home you won’t just love, but also treasure for years to come.

Take a moment to read over and watch the testimonials below. We want you to get a firm understanding that when you buy a home from us, you are backed by the best.

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I have owned several homes throughout my life, but never a new one and thus I was very concerned when I moved in that I would encounter problems and might have to deal with an unfriendly and uncooperative contractor.

I am happy to say that I have been more than satisfied with everyone working with Bill Beazley Homes, Inc. No request has been too small or frivolous (putting in a missing screw in a lock) or too large (replacing my entire kitchen floor).

Chuck and Jimmy have been extremely friendly, helpful, and quick to respond to issues I bring to their attention. And the workers who come to fix the problems are competent, friendly, focused on doing a good job and even go the extra mile to answer questions from a fix-it novice.

I would recommend Bill Beasley Homes, Inc. to anyone looking to purchase a well-built new home from a contractor who stands behind his work and is serious about making his customers happy.

Tom H.

Buying a home is, at best, a scary experience … exciting but scary! No new home, like no new car will be free of its little issues. Three and a half years after you buy that home you know much more about the builder than you thought you ever would. You will know if the construction is as good as you thought it was. You will know if the subcontractors were the lowest bid (we’ll never see you again) or were they of the “We stand behind what we do”

Matthew D.

As a first time home owner I couldn’t be happier to have bought and reside in a Bill Beazley Home. The entire process of purchasing the home was extremely smooth. I have had some minor fixes here and there, the resolution of the few issues I’ve had has been quick, and precise with no follow on work required at all. I highly recommend Bill Beazley Homes!

D. Howard

We just bought a home in Summerlin! We will be arriving in GA from MD next month and cannot wait to get settled into our beautiful custom ranch home! Thank you all so much for building, hands down, the best and most exquisitely detailed homes in the CSRA!


When my wife and I decided to settle in the CSRA to be close to family, we started spending weekends walking through open houses and were immediately impressed by the design, quality of construction and amenities found in the Bill Beazley Homes models we visited. What really impressed us though was the commitment to customer service and satisfaction that was communicated on the company website. After purchasing our Beazley home, not only were we completely satisfied by the quality of construction, but the customer service we received went well beyond our expectations. Too often a builder will be hard to reach or non responsive after the closing. The Beazley approach is exactly the opposite. Not only is the Beazley team responsive when minor issues arise, but they are readily available and most willing to share ideas and lend their expertise to address questions. Chuck Lacey, Beazley’s Director of Customer is not only knowledgeable, extremely helpful and always puts our best interest forward, he’s a terrific person as well. As I noted, we are new to both home ownership and the area. Purchasing a home from Beazley, we weren’t just a customer, we were treated as neighbors. If you want to purchase a quality home from a builder committed to providing you with quality construction and exceptional service, I highly recommend Bill Beazley Homes

Janet G.

One of the most positive aspect of Bill Beazley Properties is dealing with excellent, caring people that need to make you content within your new residence.

Pam H.

Buying my dream home was very scary in the beginning; until I visited a Bill Beazley Home Site. I walked into THE prospective home and I knew, this was the one! It had all the things I dreamed of in my ideal home. The sales associate “Sunny” was as brilliant as her name. She had a very warm and welcoming personality. She said, “Girl, this is your home”, “Go ahead and claim it!” I did claim it and now I live in it! The other associates in the office were also very pleasant. They opened the doors for me to look at “MY NEW HOME” several times before it was officially mine. They even started to claim it with me! They would give me the key and say go ahead and look at your new home and decide where your gonna put your sofa! Well, it’s officially mine now! My family and I are enjoying all the benefits of this lovely new home and the family associates of Bill Beazley. We have had a few bumps in the road with our new home (as with any new home), but EVERY little bump was leveled out with A-1 service. Whenever I called one of the Beazley Family of Associates, especially Chuck, things were taken care of so fast it made my head spin. Chuck is one of the support associates and he has been like a big brother on the business end. He ensures that things are taken care of as expeditiously as possible. He even does follow up to make sure that the customer is satisfied. What a family of genuinely caring and diligent people, they thrive on providing great customer service! We bought into the total package, a new home and a group of caring people that make sure that WE the customers are 100% satisfied! Thank you Bill Beazley because you’ve got it all right!!!!!!