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Customer Relations

We appreciate our customers, and we do everything possible to meet their expectations throughout the process of building their new home…but we don’t stop caring after the closing.

Building customer relations and having customer satisfaction are top priorities at Bill Beazley Homes. That means we put you, the customer, first.

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Bonnie-Sue Potterbaum Customer Relations Director

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Julie Griner Customer Relations Manager

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Elizabeth Graham Customer Relations Administrative Support Specialist

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Crystalynn Doolittle Customer Relations Administrative Support Specialist

We are particularly proud of our Customer Relations Team at Bill Beazley Homes. This team consists of four full time employees dedicated to taking care of the needs of our homeowners.

We believe the best way to offer first class customer service is to assign one of our highly-trained customer relations specialists to you at the orientation of your new home. This specialist will remain your point of contact for the entire time your home is under warranty.

This allows you and your specialist to form a good working relationship, decreases the response time to your requests and ensures you are dealing with someone you know and someone who knows you and your home.

You can reach our customer relations specialists by phone, by email, by fax or online.

Warranty Information

On the Home Buyer Orientation guide, you will find Warranty Service Procedures and Homeowner Maintenance Tips which should help you maintain your new home.

Warranty Request

Now that you’ve moved into your new home, we want to be sure you are comfortable and happy. During the first year subsequent to closing on your new home, you will have two scheduled inspections — one at 30 days and one at 11 months.

Each homeowner is asked to submit a list to our Customer Relations Department prior to the 30-day and 11-month anniversaries describing any items needing attention. You will be contacted to schedule an appointment to inspect the items. If you have any items needing attention at other times, please do not hesitate to contact us. You may use this online form or click the links at the bottom of this page to print out a form.

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New Home Warranty Requests must be submitted online or in writing.

Please use this form for all your warranty requests. If you prefer mail or fax, click the appropriate link below to download a form.

Verbal requests made by telephone will not be accepted, except in the case of extreme emergencies. General maintenance matters, which are the responsibility of the homeowner, will not be considered as New Home Warranty items.

  • Georgia Warranty Request Form
  • Pre-Closing Request Form
  • South Carolina Warranty Request Form

Tips / Ideas

You purchased your new home, now it’s time to manage your home! We’ve created some helpful tips and ideas to get you through every season in your new home.

These tips are for you to use however you want. We hope they will help you breathe fresh life into your home every season. Thank you for choosing to build with Bill Beazely Homes.