How to prepare if you’re leaving on vacation for spring break

Feb 26, 2024


If you are planning to get out of town for spring break this April, you’ll need to be sure you have your house set up to be safe and secure before you go. This is an important practice whenever you go on vacation. In this article, we will detail the checklist of chores you need to complete before you go away so you can be sure your modern home will be secure.

Here’s everything you need to do before you go away

  1. Clean your house: This should be a no-brainer, but you’ll be giving your future self a gift if you clean your home before you leave. This will also help prevent rodents, bugs, or other critters, as it will ensure you don’t leave crumbs on any surfaces.
  2. Clean out the fridge and take out all trash: Be sure to get rid of any food that will go bad while you are away to avoid a buildup of mold and smells while you’re gone. And of course, take it one step further and actually bring the trash out to be sure you don’t attract pests in your home.  
  3. Don’t leave anything in the laundry: Whether you leave a hamper full of dirty clothes or not is your choice, but be sure not to leave any wet clothes in the washing machine. This can lead to mildew and ruin the clothes forever (while also building up mold in the washing machine itself).
  4. Clear all flammable surfaces: If you have an electric stove, don’t leave anything on its surface. Unplug appliances like air fryers and toasters as well, to be cautious.
  5. Set the thermostat to a maintenance temperature: If you have a digital system like Nest, you can monitor this while you are gone. Otherwise, choose a temperature (like 65 degrees Fahrenheit in a winter climate) that will reduce the use of heat but also prevent any pipes from freezing. In a warmer climate like Georgia, keep your air conditioning set to low to reduce wasted energy and a surged electricity bill.
  6. Make arrangements for your mail: Whether you ask the post office to hold your mail, or arrange for pickups with a neighbor, you will need to take steps to avoid a build-up of mail.
  7. Lock all windows and doors: Be sure your home is all secure before you go—that means back doors and windows, too.
  8. Water any plants: Water your plants before you leave to ensure they will survive the break. If you will be gone for an extended period, you may want to arrange with a neighbor to have someone come in and water them halfway through your trip.
  9. Turn lights off: This may seem obvious, but don’t leave your lights on. This will rack up unnecessary electric bills and push your bulbs toward burning out.
  10. Tell your security company: If you have a home security system, notify them that you will be away so they can be alerted to any unusual activity.

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