Late Winter Garden Tips

Jan 25, 2024


Having a garden is one of the greatest outdoor amenities. If you want to set yourself up for success this spring, you may want to begin taking some steps during the winter to help you grow the most fruitful garden possible. Since winter weather can be unpredictable, we’ve gathered a list of some tasks you can do to prepare, both indoors and out.

Getting your garden ready outside

1. Trim conifersIt’s important to trim every once and a while, as larger branches tend to dominate and outgrow the others, causing more severe issues for the health of the tree. 

2. Clean patio furniture and lawn furnitureThe outdoor moisture and spreading of dirt and pollen that comes with snow, wind, and rain can leave your patio furniture with a layer of soot. During the winter, when the furniture is out of use, you have the opportunity to reset and give these items a good cleaning so they’re all fresh when they get put to use in the spring. 

3. Get rid of old leavesIf your ground isn’t covered with snow, this is a good time to get ahead on cleaning off the ground surface and bagging up any other old leaves that have fallen. 

4. Pull out any old mulch or beddingIf your garden bed needs a refresh, you can begin to clear out any weeds or dead plants and branches in the bedding so that come spring, your task won’t be as challenging. 

If it’s raining or snowing, consider these indoor options

1. Refinish all flower boxesEmpty your flower boxes and remove any old dirt that will have to be replaced. You can also give them a thorough clean and even repaint them if they are wood. Consider making a craft project out of this and incorporating a design or new color scheme. 

2. Clean flowerpotsJust like your flower boxes, late winter is the perfect time to give these pots a thorough cleaning while they are empty. They tend to get dirty as they survive the elements all summer long, so a good reset before the spring begins will help keep your garden manicured. 

3. Clean all gardening toolsIt can feel hard to justify cleaning tools that are meant to go in the dirt, but taking care of them will help them last longer and the winter is the perfect time to do so. 

4. Organize the shedIf you have an outdoor gardening shed, take this time to make it clean and organized so it can be of greatest use come summertime. 

5. Plan your layoutStart to make a list of the plans you’ll want to put in your garden this summer and design your layout to see what you need and how it’ll look. This can help you get excited for the warmer months ahead. 

6. Make a seed list and schedule: As an extension of number five, set a schedule of when you will be planting and the timing for the seeds you need to acquire to make the most of seasonal blooms. 

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