Ideas for Decorating with Subtle Valentine’s Day Décor

Jan 25, 2024


If you love to decorate for the holidays, you get another opportunity this February. Valentine’s Day tends to be an overlooked holiday in the world of decorating when we compare it to the extent to which people decorate for Halloween, autumn, and of course, the holiday season. But this day of love brings a unique chance to decorate your home with a classy, subtle style that can elevate the feel of your modern home. Here are some ways you can bring your space to life with love and warmth this February. 

How to keep it classy in your home this Valentine’s Day

1. Feature floral arrangements

Roses are synonymous with Valentine’s Day (and can enhance the feeling of a luxury home), so having a few vases filled with this trademark flower will certainly set the tone. But you don’t have to choose roses. Other floral arrangements filled with bright or pale pinks, whites, and creams will give that delicate feel that creates a sense of romance. Look for chrysanthemums, orchids, lilies, and more. 

2. Hang garland

Garland is not limited to the Christmas season. Find pale pink and white rope, small hearts, or pastel tassels to hang across banisters, fireplaces, or other central features. This festive item in the Valentine’s Day colors will bring that sense of celebration—but avoid red beads if you’re worried about appearing as though you waited two months to take your Christmas decorations down. 

3. Floral wreaths 

While flower bouquets are a natural choice, many people don’t think to look for wreaths past December. However, a light-colored floral wreath in a circle or heart shape can add that Valentine’s Day feel to your home, even from the outside. With a heart on your front door, you’ll set the tone for a loving, soft, and cozy home. 

4. Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize

Rotating your throws, hand towels, and accent pillows is a simple and elegant way to change your space for the seasons. The Valentine’s Day themed items don’t have to be gregarious or bold, you can find subtle neutral-colored pillows with small, embroideredhearts, or a pale pink knit throw to enhance your living space and keep your home moving with the seasons. 

5. Engage the senses

Think beyond just visuals and play with scent in your home. Bring in cinnamon or floralscented soap or vanilla candles in red jars. Play with the scent and the color of the bottle to expand your Valentines experience to the kitchen, bathroom, and every other room. Plus, incorporate taste and play into the Valentine’s chocolate tradition by leaving a bowl of candies in you entrance to make every visitor and guest feel special. 

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