An image of Administrative Professionals day banner.

Administrative Professional’s Day

Apr 5, 2021

An image of Administrative Professionals day banner.

Most offices with employees in the administrative field celebrate Administrative Professionals Day. This year, it will be on April 21. It became an official celebration in 1952 but was originally known as Secretary’s Day, promoted by the National Secretaries Association. It has been known as Administrative Professionals Day since 2000. 

In the1950s following World War II, the number of post-war businesses increased and led to a high demand for secretarial help. More women entered the workforce and secretary positions in the ‘50s and ‘60s were almost completely filled by women. With this, women demanded that secretaries be respected in their workplace. 

In our modern day, the International Association of Administrative Professionals serves as a nonprofit enabling members to network and learn from each other. They advocate for administrative professionals who desire to become leaders within their companies. 

So what exactly does an administrative professional do on a daily basis? Their work varies depending on the employer. Other titles they carry may be office coordinator, executive assistant, or office manager. Some of their tasks may include calendar management, project management, report processing, billing and travel planning. 

If there are administrative professionals in your office, be sure to recognize them on April 21 or during the entire week. Show your appreciation during team meetings, send company emails pointing out their specific contributions to the company, and celebrate work anniversaries. You can also provide catered lunches or treats as well as gift cards. Have a beautiful floral arrangement delivered to their desk. 

Another great way to recognize administrative professionals is to encourage their growth and continuing education. Invest in courses that they may be interested in to build upon their work or add to their opportunities to grow within the company. 

Administrative professionals contribute a great deal to those they work for and their efforts should never go unrecognized. It would be ideal to make them feel appreciated year-round, but be sure to especially point them out on Administrative Professionals Day.