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Home Renovation Ideas You’ve Never Thought Of

Jul 16, 2020

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It doesn’t always take a full move into a new home to achieve a fresh start. Renovations are a great way to switch things up while also adding value to your home if you decide to sell later on. You may know of typical renovations such as new flooring or painting, but check out these unique ideas for making changes at home. 

Outdoor Firepit with Bench

Firepits are an extremely popular addition to backyards, especially during summer and fall. Instead of placing chairs around the pit or having guests bring their own, why not build a bench? A simple L-shaped bench made of wood is a great way to gather family and friends with ample seating. 

Office Space Under the Stairs

In a crunch for additional space but not ready to buy a new home just yet? Consider the space under your stairs. You can knock out part of the wall if needed to create a nook with a small desk or table that a computer can fit on to get work done. Add shelving for books to create a more productive atmosphere. 

Bookcases for the Couch

Instead of using end tables around your couch, why not add short bookcases around the back and sides? This creates additional storage as well as a place for someone sitting in the middle to set a drink or device. 

Loft Bed with Hidden Storage

If you’re looking for something to do with that oddly-shaped loft space, try adding a bed for guests or hanging out. Add shelving along the sides for additional storage and place the mattress on top of a platform complete with drawers and/or cabinetry. 

Mirror Tiles in Windowless Rooms

Are there any rooms in the home without windows, such as a half bath or office? Try decorating the walls with a set of mirrored tiles. It will open up the space dramatically by allowing light to bounce around more freely. 

Built-in Kitchen Bench

Tight on kitchen space? Try adding a built-in bench. This can be done behind a counter or against a window. It will allow you to move a table closer and use less chairs. There is also the possibility of adding drawers underneath or allowing the bench to open up for hidden storage. 

Sometimes, home renovation requires designers and professional companies. However, you’d be surprised at the tasks you can accomplish on your own. Whichever way you choose to go about it, the change will be appreciated and refreshing.