How to be more Mindful

How to Be More Mindful

Jun 11, 2020

How to be more Mindful

With all of the chaos filling our newsfeed and daily lives, it’s easy to stay in a constant state of stress and anxiety. If you constantly find your mind racing with no end in sight, try a few different ways to ground yourself in mindfulness. 

Zenimation on Disney+

Zenimation is a minimalistic series of shorts that was released on the Disney+ streaming platform in May. It is compiled of chunks of animations from Disney classics over the years. None of the scenes in the series have any dialogue and all of the music has been removed. It is simply an experience in which you focus on the artistic details of these classics and take deep breaths as you hear roaring waves or rustling leaves. 

Headspace App

The Headspace App is available on the Apple Store and Google Play. It helps to make meditation simple and relieves stress after a long day. There is a free “Basics Pack”, which includes a 10-day course for beginners to give you a solid foundation on the essentials of meditation and mindfulness. 

Herbal Teas

Tea blends such as those from the Yogi Tea brand are naturally tasty ways to support the body and mind. There is always something soothing about steeping a warm mug of tea, and that experience is made better when that tea has a purpose. You can find a “bedtime” tea composed of passionflower and chamomile, two herbs with proven relaxation properties. There are also blends for stress relief, energy and more. 

Restorative Eye Pillows

Weighted eye pillows are used in restorative yoga classes, but can be beneficial at home as well. They aim for the vagus nerve, which oversees an array of crucial bodily functions such as control of the mood and heart rate. It also cuts out visual stimuli and reminds the brain to be still. The light pressure on your eyes feeds into your neck and shoulders- 10 minutes of using an eye pillow and you are set for a great night’s sleep. Here is a DIY tutorial with instructions on making your own eye pillow.

These are a few of the many different ways you can achieve mindfulness. If nothing else, take a few deep breaths and be grateful for your health and what you have today.