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Organizing Holiday Decor

Nov 30, 2020

Organizing holiday decor banner


Holiday decorations can be some of your most important items in the home. They may carry a significant sentimental value and/or be fragile and need to be handled with delicacy. This is why it can be such a tough chore to get ready to store them once the season is over. You would never want to damage any special items and you don’t want to forget about anything when the next season rolls around. Here are some of the best ways to keep your holiday decor organized for storage: 

Sort the ornaments.

Once the ornaments come off of the tree, sort them into categories such as glass, sentimental, etc. Ornament organizing boxes are great because they come with dividers to keep each ornament separated, but if you can’t get one, a normal plastic tote will work just fine. You can cut dividers out of cardboard from an old box if you still want to keep them separated. 

Wrap the glass ornaments in newspaper or bubble wrap to ensure extra protection. Sort them in a box of their own and the unbreakables in another. Label each box with the type of ornaments that are inside. 

Tuck the tree away. 

If you have an artificial tree, hopefully you saved the box that it came in. This is the best way to keep it stored each year with minimal-to-no damage. If you don’t have the box anymore, most larger retailers have tree storage bags. 

Wrap the lights properly.

One of the most frustrating things when decorating for the holidays is opening a box to find tangled lights. To save yourself the time and energy, wrap them around a light storage wheel or carefully place them in a box so they won’t get tangled with other strands. 

Separate indoor and outdoor decorations. 

Label your storage totes with room/area or outdoor usage. A bonus to add to this is to take a picture of the way each area is decorated before you take everything down, then attach it to the label on the tote. That way, you’ll remember where everything went when you are ready to decorate next year! 

This is a general overview of the best ways to keep your decor organized, and there are plenty more details when you get down to the sentimental items. Remember, labels, newspaper, and cardboard boxes are your friends.