Post-Holiday Cleaning and Organization Banner

Post-Holiday Cleaning and Organization

Jan 2, 2019

Post-Holiday Cleaning and Organization Banner

The holiday season has come to an end and another New Year is upon us. For many, this means cleaning and refreshing for a new start. Taking down and storing all of the decorations can be exhausting but we have a few tips to relieve some of the stress.


Label everything.

When putting boxes together of decorations, wrapping supplies and anything else, make sure there is a label on each box that is prominently placed. This will ensure easy storage and easy location when it is time to take everything down next year.


Store ornaments safely.

Don’t let another dreaded moment happen where precious ornaments shatter! Arrange plastic cups in a clear tote or box and wrap ornaments in tissue paper before placing them in the cups. For more efficient packing, stack a layer of cardboard to fit more cups on top of each other in the box. Smaller ornaments can be carefully placed in old egg cartons.


Create a mobile wrapping station.

The simple combination of a large pail and tension rod goes a long way in organizing wrapping supplies. Even though wrapping paper is mainly used at Christmas time, it can be great for storing year-round gift wrap for birthdays and other occasions. Go the extra mile by placing a tool belt or garden caddy around the pail to store scissors, tape and tags.


Prevent lights from tangling.

Holiday decorations can be frustrating when it takes hours to untangle a strand of lights. To guarantee that next year will run smoother, wrap each strand around a small piece of cardboard before storing in a box.


Utilize unique spaces when needed.

If your home is tight on space, get creative with areas for storage. A common favorite is under the bed. Short, long rubber totes can slide under the bed easy and are the perfect size for wrapping paper or garlands.


With these helpful pieces of advice, taking down all of your holiday decor should be a little easier. Enjoy getting life back to normal and have a Happy New Year!