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Prepare Your Garage for Spring

Mar 24, 2020

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Your garage is an important asset to your home. Spring weather is the perfect time to give it a little bit of extra attention as the milder temperatures are conducive to working. Take advantage of this time to restore the curb appeal of your home and make any necessary repairs in the garage area. 

Spring Cleaning

The garage door itself is a great place to start. It is exposed to various elements, especially in the winter season and this year in particular with all of the rain and storms we’ve been through. Dirt build-up can get into the tracks of the door and potentially cause mechanical issues later on. This is why it’s important to properly wash the door inside and out with some dish soap, a rag, bucket of water and a hose. 

Interior cleaning should come next, beginning with a good de-clutter. If there are items lying around your garage with no good function other than taking up space, toss them or donate. Then, organize what you have decided to keep. Store like items together in bins or on shelves according to their use and purpose. Be sure that frequently used items are easily accessible.

Garage Door Maintenance

Periodic upkeep of your garage door will guarantee optimal efficiency for many years to come. This is why it’s recommended that you perform regular maintenance checks at least once a year. Check that all of the hardware is properly in place and replace pieces as needed due to rust and wear. Inspect the weather stripping along the door as well and replace if necessary. Take a wrench or screwdriver to the bolts along the garage track to ensure that all moving pieces are secure and there is no damage to the track. 

If you have questions or concerns about the quality of your garage door, contact a pro to help you perform an inspection. Regular upkeep and cleanliness will guarantee a functioning garage this spring and throughout the rest of the year.