Easy Access homesAn Easy Access Home Is All About Convenience!

Free Yourself From The Hassles

By grouping all the most essential living areas on a single floor with ample-sized doors and a step-free entry, the Easy Access Home frees you from the hassles of struggling to move bulky furniture through narrow doors, or negotiating stairs with your arms full of groceries. While you may be in perfect health now, the day may come when you or a family member experience health problems that could cause limited access to be a real problem.

An Easy Access Home delivers more for your dollar – convenience for today and peace of mind for tomorrow. This is accomplished with three simple but critical features.


Easy Access

A step-free entrance into the central living area of the home from a driveway, sidewalk or firm route into the main floor is required.

  • Convenient, safe entry even when your arms are full of shopping bags or small children
  • No threshold trip hazard
  • Easy transport of luggage carriers, strollers and other cumbersome objects
  • Easy entry for family and friends who rely on mobility aids

Easy Passage

The exterior door that provides the step-free entrance and all interior doorways must provide easy passage, with 34″ or 36″ doors or other solutions that allow a minimum clear passage of 32″.

  • Pass freely around the main floor even when carrying bulky items such as laundry baskets
  • Complete access to all the necessary living spaces on the main floor means independence for family members unable to fit through narrow spaces or climb stairs

Easy Use

A bedroom, kitchen, entertainment area and a full bathroom with designated maneuvering space in front of the sink, commode and tub or shower, must all be located on the main floor accessible via the step-free entrance.

  • Fewer trips up and down the stairs since the rooms you spend most of your time in are all on one level
  • Relatives or friends with mobility limitations are more comfortable visiting on holidays, because they aren’t excluded from the group
  • A self-contained main floor with accessible bathroom makes it possible for people who develop serious medical conditions to remain at home and retain their independence

Simple Features That Make a Big Difference

By choosing an Easy Access Home from Bill Beazley Homes, you will be assured that your home offers convenience, livability, visibility and value. You’ll get all that from a few simple features that can make a big, big difference.