Christmas Color Palette Ideas

Dec 15, 2023


While the classic red and green is the go-to Christmas color combination, it can be fun to mix it up and add some variety to your holiday décor. Often, using an alternative Christmas color palette can help give your modern home a more luxurious feel. In this article, we’ll break down some color palette options, as well as how to choose which one fits your home,  and how you can incorporate them into your décor.


What are some Christmas color palette options?

  • Warm frosty: Light pink, teal, white, and silver for an elegant and elevated glow.
  • Candy cane: White and red for a simple but playful and bold look.
  • Deep cool: Dark blues, turquoise, gold, and dark green for a classic and cozy style.
  • White minimal: White, gold, silver, touches of green to keep it streamlined and sleek.
  • Snowflake: Teal, white, silver, or gold to represent all the winter holidays.
  • Silver sparkle: Stick with all silver on this one to make your house pop with shimmering surfaces.
  • Earthy neutral: Wood, white, black, and natural greens to create a rustic and understated look.

How to choose one for your house

When it comes to choosing from the list above, you’ll want to consider the overall interior design style of your home, as well as the color palette of your existing furniture and décor. If you have a statement piece of art or accent pillows that pop, you can use those color schemes as the basis for your Christmas colors. Ultimately, the more your decoration blends with your home, the more sophisticated your holiday look will be.

Plus, some color palettes naturally fit with different interior design styles. For example, the earthy neutral look fits well in a modern farmhouse; the deep cool, and warm frosty both fit well in a traditional or transitional home; and candy cane is a great look for a neutral space filled with joy and play—especially if you have kids. So, when you’re choosing your palette, consider what colors you already have in the space and how you can use your decorations to make them pop to give your quality home an elevated feel.

How to incorporate decorations into your home

Beyond the classic Christmas tree and wreath, there are other ways to get creative with your décor. Find small ceramic winter accessories that you can put on display on surfaces like dressers, TV stands, coffee tables, and mantles. You can replace your year-round decorations to add those touches of winter. Include garland and string lights to frame windows and doorways, hang bulbs from overhead light fixtures, and purchase holly, pine, and other winter plants so you can put them in vases throughout the house, instead of flowers.

These small touches can set the tone for the holidays. And, if you are sticking with a color scheme, keep those colors in mind as you choose each of these items to create a unified look throughout your space.

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