How to Convert Your House to a Smart Home

Aug 24, 2022


If you have been keeping up with any trends lately, you know the latest trends include turning your home into a smart home. Now, you might think this is just another trend on social media.

But turning your home into a smart home can save you money and time and make your home more secure. So we’ll show you some of the best ways to convert your house into a smart home.

Upgrade Your Thermostat

That’s right! You might think there’s no benefit to having a thermostat that can connect to the internet. But you would be wrong.

Having an internet-connected thermostat can help you control the climate in your home when no one is there.

That means you can raise your home’s temperature when you’re gone and lower it on your way back. And that action alone can save you over a hundred dollars a year.

Make Those Lights Smarter

Your lights could be costing you a lot of money every year. And there’s a way to prevent that. You can control how bright they are. You can even put your lights on a schedule. 

And the best part about intelligent lights is that they are energy efficient and eco-friendly. Smart lighting also offers fun settings and uses. Many can change colors and alter a room’s mood via an app. Are you feeling romantic or relaxed yet?

Install That Video Doorbell

Don’t give your old doorbell the light of day! Having a video doorbell helps make your home more secure. Why? Because it deters potential criminals from your property. Since it captures everything and anything happening outside your front door, no criminal will want their face captured on your camera.

And if something does happen, police will be able to use the footage in their investigation to figure out what happened.

Worried about the Lock?

Secure your door with a smart lock. Intelligent locks are just as secure as traditional locks and come with added convenience.

If you forget your key at home, you only need your phone to unlock the front door. And if your child ever needs to get into your home without a key, you can send E-keys! 

For the disabled or elderly, smart lock systems are an excellent option for accessibility. As such, these locks are notable for being convenient and safe.

Robo Vacuums are Here to Stay

While they might have been a joke when they were first released, robot vacuums are now a staple in every modern home. Homeowners appreciate the ease of use, time savings, and convenience. Robot vacuum systems are incredibly efficient and require a small amount of space.

And if you have hardwood or tile floors, there are robot cleaners for you too!

Indoor Cameras for Further Security

What’s a better way to secure your home than indoor cameras? After all, if someone is not deterred by your video doorbell and breaks into your home, you’ll have more footage to show the police. That way, your odds of getting justice increase exponentially.

Smart security cameras can monitor scenarios and activities on a schedule too. Integrated apps allow for phone alerts when a camera detects something unusual based on the homeowner’s specific criteria. 

Get a Smart Speaker

This one’s a bit of a no-brainer. Having a smart speaker lets, you enjoy your favorite media without lifting a finger! Smart speakers fully utilize voice command and artificial intelligence (A.I.).

And when you’re busy with children or working on a special project, having an A.I. assistant helps. Just speak it, and your favorite playlist, movie, or podcast will play!

Smart speakers have become the hub of most home automation too. You can control smart light bulbs, smart thermostats, and other smart devices you’ve implemented. 

If you’re just getting started with converting your house to a smart home, start with a smart speaker with Alexa, Google, or Siri options.

Do Some Houses Already Come with Smart Home Features

Surprisingly, many homes on the market have these features preinstalled in them. Bill Beazley Homes offers smart home features and upgrades for new construction. Be sure to discuss with your Realtor® your interest in smart home features.