Kitchen Design Tips for Your Home

Dec 15, 2023


The kitchen is the center of activity in many homes. A poorly designed kitchen, therefore, can bring about frustration and stress, whether it’s because making a meal is challenging, seating the family is too tight, or storing bulk food supplies is impossible. When you’re building a new home, speak with your experienced home builders to ensure you have plans to meet all these guidelines. Working with your builder now and having these important conversations can mean avoiding frustrating kitchen experiences in the future. A well-designed kitchen can be the defining feature of quality homes.

What to discuss with your builder to have the optimal kitchen

  1. Create zones

This step is key if you’re trying to avoid a chaotic kitchen. Plan the kitchen based on areas designated for different tasks, like food prep, storage, cooking, seating, and washing. This will help you avoid running back and forth across the room as you prep meals and create a natural flow throughout the space. It also means that if you have guests or your family seated, they can be away from the more intense steps like cooking on the stove, which helps maintain the calm environment, even with an open floor plan.

  • Think about the “Work Triangle”

The work triangle refers to three key areas in a kitchen: the stove, sink, and fridge. The idea of a work triangle means that each of these three fixtures should be within 9 feet from one another, unobstructed so that you can easily go between them as you cook and clean. So, when you think about the zones we mentioned above, keep this in mind, too.

  • Plan the placement of appliances

Once you begin considering the work triangle, you will need to decide on the placement of your appliances. Identify where your dishwasher, microwave, stove, etc. will go early on in your design process to ensure the space is built to run smoothly, and the make the electrical and plumbing needs fit accordingly.

  • Create lighting options

Cooking, cleaning, and eating each require different kinds of lighting or lighting in different areas. Make sure your kitchen is equipped with options when it comes to lighting. You’ll want under-cabinet lighting to illuminate the countertop when you prep food, strong overhead lighting near the stove so you can focus on your cooking, and adjustable mood lighting over any seating area to give a cozy feel when all the work is complete and you sit down to relax in your luxury home.

  • Build in ventilation

Be sure to discuss ventilation with your builder so that there is infrastructure over the stove. This is essential for avoiding fires and smoke every time you cook. Ventilation requires some logistics, so make sure you are having this conversation early on.

  • Storage is key

Our final tip is to focus on storage. When you’re building the space, you don’t want to cut yourself short on storage. Planning for ample cabinet and drawer space, plus a pantry, will help make your life easier down the line when you can buy food supplies in bulk, prep meals, and keep appliances and tools hidden away and out of sight.

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