10 Ways to Feel Cozy this Fall

Oct 6, 2021


The autumn season means pumpkin spice is everywhere and the leaves are changing to beautiful shades of red, orange and yellow. While afternoons can still be warm in the south, those early mornings and evenings are crisp and cool. Is your home in need of a cozy refresh for fall? Here are 10 ways to get started. 

Gather Your Throw Blankets

While there’s a throw blanket for every season, fall is the most versatile and the best excuse to pile them up. Look for faux furs, chunky knits, plaids, and warm colors to add that perfect fall touch to any room. 

Change the Throw Pillows

Switching throw pillows on a couch or bed is an easy way to bring a cozy atmosphere to the room. Just as you would with blankets, choose colors and fabrics that feel warm the moment you look at them. 

Light it Up 

Who doesn’t love candles? Even if you don’t prefer a strong scent, a plain candle can bring a soothing and warm feel to any room with the glow of the candlelight. 

Decorate the Mantle

Layer artwork, dried flowers, candles, and pumpkins around your mantle to have a warm view throughout the season. 

Add or Change Curtains 

Window dressings can make a room feel light and airy or warm and comfortable. For the cozy fall effect, look for deep colors and thick fabrics that match your decor and make you feel relaxed. 

Switch Your Bedding

Layer the flannel sheets, richly-colored comforters or duvets and decorative pillows for the perfect fall bed. 

Pumpkin Everything

Pumpkins are a simple decor item that can be tossed at the end of the season without having to worry about storage space. The orange and yellow tones of pumpkins you may find at your local market or pumpkin patch will make your home warm and inviting. 

Layer the Accent Rugs

For an instant refresh on your accent rug, add another layer underneath such as a sheepskin or faux fur rug. The layered look and textures will add the cozy feelings to your feet as you walk around your home. 

Light a Fire Outdoors

Bonfires are a staple fall activity. If your backyard has a fire pit, invite friends and family over for a cookout with fire to keep warm while enjoying each other’s company. 

Cardigans Galore

Sweaters, cardigans, and warmth- oh my! Sweaters are a wardrobe necessity in the colder months. Treat yourself to a new one (or a few) for the season and stay snuggled up as much as you need to. 

What’s your favorite way to stay cozy during fall? Tell us on social media!