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DIY Spring Home Decor

Apr 17, 2019

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If there are still remnants of winter filling your home, it’s time for a fresh upgrade to celebrate spring and the warmer months ahead. Decor should be brightened up to make your home feel inviting and happy, especially since April can be full of showers in the CSRA! Check out these budget-friendly DIY ideas to give your home a bright spring touch.


Abstract Art

Beautiful abstract paintings are typically sold for a pretty penny, but with a little creativity, you can easily make one yourself to give some color to a dreary wall. Blank canvases can be found at craft stores- pick one in any size you’d like, choose two or three colors of paint and dump a small bit at the top of the canvas. Keeping the canvas standing up, take a spray bottle of water and liberally spray the paint down to form an abstract pattern. Once the paint is dry, apply accents of gold or silver leaf with a small paintbrush and admire your custom artwork!


Window-mounted Herb Garden

Growing your own herbs and plants is more popular than ever, so take advantage of the abundant light and sunshine to create a mini garden in your kitchen. Find a small tension rod or install a mounted rod that fits the width of your window and hang small galvanized buckets across it. Using an awl, poke a few small holes in the bottom of the buckets and add potting soil. Place your plants inside of the buckets and lightly pack the soil around them. You can also customize the front of the buckets using vinyl decals, chalk paint or labels! Just be careful that it won’t wash away easily when the plants are being watered.


For more detail instruction on the Cover photo project, Check out these instructions by HGTV.


Repurposed Ladder Laundry Room Drying Rack

A ton of spring and summer clothes are light and airy, which may require extra care when washing. “Sunday best” apparel often needs to be line-dried, so use an old wooden ladder to make a drying rack and free up space in your laundry room. If the ladder needs to be cut down, use a miter saw to cut your desired length. Sand the ladder and paint with a satin spray paint in the color of your choice. Using drywall anchors, drill holes in the ceiling and add eye bolts to both the ceiling and the ladder. Attach light-duty chains to mount the ladder and now you have a space-saving drying rack for all of your delicate clothing!


These are a few bigger ideas to consider, but you can also add bright colors and florals throughout the home to give it that spring touch too. No matter what you decide, make sure your home brings happiness this season.