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Embracing a Lifestyle of Minimalism

Oct 31, 2019

Embracing a Lifestyle of Minimalism banner

Over the years, the minimalist lifestyle has increased in popularity. Clutter-free homes create a welcoming aesthetic and make room in the budget for more high-quality items to decorate as opposed to loads of small things from a bargain store. If you’ve been thinking about living life as a minimalist but aren’t sure if it is for you, take a look at this post to get started. 


Get Rid of Duplicates

One of the most simple ways to begin life as a minimalist is discarding the extra things that you don’t need. Take a box or bin and go through each room in your home to look for things you have multiples of. The kitchen, for example, may have two or three sets of measuring cups. You really only need one set, so toss the extras aside and donate them or throw them away. Did you go crazy during a home sale and purchase too many throw pillows for the living room? Decide which ones are your absolute favorites and put the others in the box to free up some couch space. Maybe your office area has multiple pairs of scissors or staplers. Leave one and take the rest for donation. 


Less to Dress 

The closet is typically the hardest area to tackle when becoming a minimalist. Our culture has somehow given us the idea that we always need something new and it’s strange to wear the same thing more than a few times. This is where a minimalist goes against the grain and has a few staple pieces in the closet that are versatile enough to wear over and over again. There are plenty of resources online to help you pick out those timeless items and how to style them differently to create a variety of outfits while keeping a clutter-free closet. 


Shop Smart at the Grocery Store 

Avoid eating out unless there is a special occasion or you have designated meals out in the budget. It’s important to buy the necessities at the grocery store when living life as a minimalist. Take some time at the beginning of the week to create a menu to go along with your grocery list. Cook meals that will have leftovers so that you don’t have to stop by a drive-through for lunch the next day. Shopping smart will reduce the chances of wasted food and will push you to be creative with every meal you make. 


There is a plethora of steps to take towards the minimalist lifestyle, but this is a starting point if you are new to the idea. Just give it a try, you may enjoy it more than you thought! Keeping things to a minimum is extremely rewarding and cultivates a comforting atmosphere in the home.