Holiday Appreciation for Delivery Carriers banner

Holiday Appreciation for Delivery Carriers

Oct 31, 2019

Holiday Appreciation for Delivery Carriers banner

With the holiday season in full swing, orders will be placed nonstop. Gifts, decorations, you name it – it’s probably easier to order online to avoid the crowds. It’s also time to send holiday cards to friends and family and receive them as well. With all of this in mind, your mail carrier and delivery people are working around the clock. Why not make them feel special when they stop by your home? Try these ideas to make their day a little more happy and to let them know that they are appreciated.  


Gifts by the Door 

When larger packages are dropped off, give the delivery carrier a reason to smile. Leave a small basket on your porch with bottles of water, bags of chips, candy or other treats. Attach a sweet note to the basket to let them know you appreciate their hard work during the busy season. Encourage them to take multiple treats as well to make it through their long shift or to share with coworkers. 


Personal Gifts

If you know when your mail carrier arrives every day, why not wait outside to give them something special? A baked treat and a warm to-go cup of coffee is sure to make their day in the middle of the holiday rush. You can even leave a small care package inside of the mailbox for them to find when they open it up. A personalized Christmas ornament, a few pieces of candy, and a sweet card or note will do the trick during their nonstop day. 


Sweets Stand 

When it’s crunch time for the holidays and packages are arriving nonstop, why not set up a small table in your driveway? Complete with baked treats, sweets, coffee, hot cocoa and water, the delivery people will feel like they are getting a break in a cafe. Create a sign to let them know that they are welcome to stop by and enjoy a nice treat during their long drive. 


Mail carriers and delivery service drivers are some of the hardest workers, especially during the busy holiday season. Don’t let these holiday months go by without letting them know that you notice and appreciate all of their hard work.