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Jan 22, 2020

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        It’s no secret that “smart home” technology is taking over. From voice-controlled devices to timed lights, there are countless ways to bring easier smart features into your home. Thanks to the internet, virtually everything can be connected wirelessly for less effort from you. There are many products on the market available for home automation, but here are a few to check out in 2020.

Smart Speakers

        Devices like the Amazon Echo and Google Home have become a staple item in most homes recently. The ability to voice control things such as turning on other devices or quickly checking a news story.

Smart Thermostat

        A smart thermostat is one of the best investments you can make for your home. It has the ability to create a schedule for the temperature setting of your home to save on utility bills. With the option to set your A/C higher when you plan to be away, you’re effortlessly conserving energy.

Smart Plugs

        Smart plugs give the option to control multiple devices from your phone. They connect to the WiFi and can turn devices on and off wirelessly such as lamps or TVs.

Universal Remote

        Wireless universal remotes work with the internet for voice control capabilities. You can choose to watch a movie with one touch to automatically turn devices to their correct settings. These remotes can even be used to control lighting and thermostats.

Motion Sensor

        Smart motion sensors are ideal for keeping a safe home. You’ll receive phone notifications if you forgot to close a door or if other doors/cabinets are opened unexpectedly.

Automated Sprinkler System

        Most new construction homes come with smart sprinkler systems to keep your grass looking lush with minimal effort. Gone are the days of manually turning on each sprinkler; now, you can set timers and turn them on or off from an app on your phone.

        We are living in exciting times and managing everything in your home is a breeze thanks to the wide array of smart devices available. Explore the options that are best for your home and enjoy the convenience of automation!