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Making the Most of Your Backyard Space

Jun 3, 2019

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New homes and neighborhoods are being developed nonstop, especially in the CSRA. The influx of jobs and military families that are relocating here means that construction needs to keep up! Beautiful homes and neighborhoods are available daily, so let look at a few ideas to make those suburban yards just a little more enjoyable!

Add portable seating.

A large, heavy patio set may not be completely necessary, especially if you don’t have gatherings planned often. A few lounge chairs that fold for storage or even folding lawn chairs are great to take in and out as needed. You can even ask guests to bring their own chairs for gatherings so that adequate seating is always guaranteed.


Purchase (or build) a picnic table.

A wooden picnic table with benches can be the perfect dining spot for cookouts. Many home improvement stores sell them, but you can always build your own for a custom touch. A separate kid-sized table is great too!


Use a small fire pit.

For the chillier nights during fall and winter, a fire pit is a great addition to the backyard for conversation and warmth. Many home improvement stores offer patio tables with built-in fire pits for dual usage, or you can look for a small one that can be easily stored away during the summer.


Extra lighting brings a visual addition.

When using the backyard for evening entertainment, a classic set of string lights make for a cozy atmosphere while brightening the area. Many stores now sell solar-powered lights as well, so you don’t have to be concerned about extra charges on your utility bills.


You don’t have to compromise on comfort and looks for entertaining and leisure. Get creative with the space you have and enjoy the outdoor memories!