More Reasons to Love Grovetown banner

More Reasons to Love Grovetown

Feb 13, 2019

More Reasons to Love Grovetown banner

Staying in the spirit of love this Valentine’s week, we are going to give you two more reasons to love the city of Grovetown. If you are still undecided about moving to Willow Oak Village or Kelarie in Grovetown, go ahead and take the step! Grovetown is quickly turning into the new Evans. Along with all of the shops and restaurants steadily popping up, there is a new park coming to the area as well as an impressive expansion on a current park.


Gateway Park, already nicknamed Grovetown Park, will be conveniently situated off of Gateway Boulevard by the Columbia County Exhibition Center. The plan is very similar to the Evans Town Center Park and will be a very welcome addition to Grovetown. There will be a large lawn and pavilion for local events as well as multiple picnic areas. Two dog parks are also expected to be constructed – one for larger dogs and one for smaller dogs. Playground structures will be put in place for children to enjoy as well as a water area with splash pad for hot summer days. A leisure walking trail will border the park and there are an abundant amount of parking spaces expected.

The Gateway Park will be a short drive away from our Grovetown neighborhoods! Expect a 6 mile commute from Willow Oak Village and a 4 mile drive from Kelarie.


Nestled off of Columbia Road is Patriots Park, which has been a local landmark for years. There are already multiple fields and courts for sports teams and recreation as well as playgrounds for children. There is an expansion underway to add 4 new soccer fields, picnic areas and a new walking trail. Additional parking is also planned to relieve congestion and a new entrance from William Few Parkway will be created to ease traffic flow during busy times.

Patriots Park is just 2 miles from Kelarie and 5 miles from Willow Oak Village!


We already love Grovetown, but the new park and expansion will make those beautiful spring and summer days that much better. Don’t wait – contact us today to find your perfect home in Grovetown!