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Sectional Rules

Jul 31, 2019

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It’s time to talk about the elephant in the room: a sectional. Their reputation in the interior design world is being a large, clunky space eater. On the contrary, a well-placed and properly sized sectional can define your space. When done right, the sectional can be just as stylish as any other sofa with the added benefit of plentiful seating. Think of it as the perfect centerpiece for your living room and consider these ideas when designing your room around a sectional. 


First, you need to think about the right time to invest in a sectional sofa. It will provide a spacious and comfortable seat for everyone and is especially beneficial for families or entertainers who plan to have guests over frequently. Prior to purchase, it is important to measure your space to be sure you aren’t purchasing one that is too big or too small. 


Though it may be tempting, do not try to separate the pieces of your sectional under any circumstance. They are meant to be attached and can be an eyesore if not pieced together the right way. 


Add a few decorative and colorful throw pillows to break up the solid color of such a large piece of furniture. You can also create or purchase a centerpiece for the coffee table and/or end tables that ties in to the overall color scheme of your living room. 


It may seem logical to place your sectional against a wall, but you’d be surprised at how placing it in the center of the room could give the illusion of a larger space. An area rug will assist with this as well. Placing it in the center helps divide the room as well and creates additional walking space. 


Sectionals can not only be used in the living room but would be a great addition to a man cave, media room or playroom as well. Once you have installed your sectional according to your needs and preferences, take a seat and relax!