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Starting Fresh: Why New Construction is the Way to Go 

Jan 3, 2020

Why to buy new construction banner

Is 2020 the year you buy a new home? If so, considering new construction can have many benefits. Once you look at the comparison between buying a used home with remodeling to be done versus a new construction home with warranties and a fresh start, the decision can be easy. 

The first reason to buy a new construction home is the pricing. The price of a new construction home is just about the same or a bit higher than a previously owned home that may need renovations. It can be difficult to gather up extra funds for renovations and may be more sensible to choose what you want from the ground up. 

Keep in mind to ask the right questions and know what to expect when you’re preparing to build a new home. Have a clear understanding of the price points for each feature and shop around for mortgage loans as opposed to going with the first company you meet. 

Another benefit of having a new construction home is that everything is clean and in tip-top shape the moment you close. You have the opportunity to choose the appliances that work best for you, the flooring that will be the easiest to clean, and paint colors to match your aesthetic. It will feel like walking into a real-life inspiration board and the best part is that it will be all yours! The home will be yours with every detail, even as small as the shape of your light fixtures. Having control over such big decisions is an advantage that you won’t always find when buying a previously owned home. 

New homes are more energy-efficient. With the constant innovation in lighting and appliances, you can almost guarantee a lower utility bill when buying new construction. The brand new insulation and HVAC units are a huge advantage and the warranties that come with appliances are just another benefit above a pre-owned home where you could end up with costly replacements later on. 

While there are many amazing benefits of purchasing a new construction home, these are just a few. For a local builder with years of experience, you won’t regret working with Bill Beazley Homes. Contact us with any questions you may have today and get into your dream home!