Three Colors that Increase Your Home Value

Oct 6, 2021


Selling your home could seem daunting and overwhelming, but there are a few things you can do that will increase the value and help the offers roll in. One of those is paying attention to paint colors. Paint can transform a room or the front of a home and be a make-or-break point for the buyer. Some buyers don’t want to have to deal with renovations as soon as they move in, so having a classic paint color will have them more likely to choose your home over other options. Take these 3 color families into consideration when painting your home to prep for a resale: 

Shades of Gray 

Gray is an elegant, yet versatile paint color to use in any room. It is welcoming for high-traffic areas and can help a potential buyer feel more at home when they are walking through. Greenish-grays, light, soft grays or neutral hue grays are all great options to complement just about any color of furniture or decor. 

Soft White

A fresh coat of white paint can make a huge impact on potential buyers when looking at your home. It opens up the space and helps buyers see what their furniture and decor would look like. Think of it as a blank canvas. Shades of white will also stand out in listing photos and attract those looking to buy. 


Light pastels are a good way to softly bring color to a room without overwhelming it. A soft, airy blue is great for bathrooms while a pale green could open up an office space or spare room. These colors can add some depth and drama while still allowing room for more bold decor and fabric accents. They are also associated with feelings of tranquility and can make a room feel more relaxing. 

Using these colors could increase your home’s resale value by thousands, so don’t hesitate to add a fresh coat of paint before listing your home! The right color could significantly pay for itself and then some.