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Walking Trails Around the CSRA

Mar 29, 2019

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Spring is a beautiful time to get outside, whether alone for exercise or with family and friends. Thankfully, the CSRA has no shortage of beautiful outdoor spots for a leisurely stroll or nice afternoon run. Some areas even have picnic spots for a snack or meal with the family outdoors! Check out some of our favorite spots:


Grovetown Trails at Euchee Creek

Located just off of Harlem-Grovetown Road, the Grovetown Trails are a beautiful moderate walking or running trail to enjoy year-round. It is best enjoyed during the spring and fall, so lace up your shoes and head there today. It features a 2.3 mile loop with shaded and scenic views such as ponds and bright flowers. There are also picnic areas to stop and enjoy a snack or meal.


Augusta Towpath

One of the area’s most popular walking, running and biking trails is the 7.5 mile Augusta Towpath, which starts at the Savannah Rapids headgates and follows the Augusta Canal to the downtown Augusta area. You will pass historical mills and enjoy mild breezes coming from the canal and Savannah River. The headgates area also features picnic tables and pavilions.


North Augusta Greeneway

The North Augusta Greeneway begins on the South Carolina side of the Savannah River. It currently consists of 13 paved miles, but is increasing yearly. The first phase begins off of the Georgia Avenue Bridge at Martintown Road, but there are many different entrances and exits throughout North Augusta. It is a mostly shaded trail system with beautiful, thick trees, making it enjoyable even in the warm summer months. The flat layout makes for a great biking trip as well.


Mistletoe State Park

A short drive to Appling will reveal one of Georgia’s most beautiful state parks, Mistletoe. There are eight different trails for a day hike, camping, biking or running. With so many different trails, you are given the option to choose your level of difficulty for a hike and each trail comes with gorgeous views of nature in the south, including Clarks Hill Lake.


These are just a few of our featured favorites, but there are so many more spots in the CSRA to enjoy the outdoors. Take a day or two to explore some of the different places and pick your favorite to enjoy the season!