Are you renting your home out for a golf tournament? Here’s how to prepare

Feb 26, 2024


For many, renting their home during a golf tournament is an excellent financial opportunity. But there are a lot of preparation steps involved that can be intimidating. In this article, we will run through the checklist of things you need to do to prepare at the fundamental level, so you can provide top-tier amenities.

Home rental preparation checklist

  1. Deep clean

If you are planning to host in your home, it will need to be spotless both indoors and out. The best option is to get a full deep clean from a professional cleaning service that won’t overlook a single detail. Consider getting this done a week or so before the tournament and then keeping up with maintenance by doing additional touch-ups until the last day. Additionally, ensure the outside of your home is perfect—that means cleaning all siding, fixing any peeling paint, replacing rusty metal, etc. Hire a lawn care company to touch up the landscaping and a handyman to touch up all blemishes on your home structure. This includes repairing all hazards or issues both inside and out, including a loose stair rail, a broken doorknob, or a leaky faucet.

  • Supplies

Ensure your home is fully stocked with any supplies you could need, including toilet paper and paper towels, cleaning products, tissues, bathroom supplies like shampoo and conditioner, and other hygiene items like lotion or hairspray. You will also need to provide new fresh sets of towels and sheets for each guest—don’t use your normal household supply. Aim to provide the five-star luxury home treatment, so think of the details. No sheets or towels with stains, replace old shower curtains, buy fresh bathmats, and more. In the kitchen, ensure your cabinets and fridge have space for food but also stock up on standard condiments, seasonings, and items like rice, flour, and ice.

  • Bedroom and bathroom

Make sure your home feels like there is a designated space for guests—they shouldn’t feel like they are staying over at someone else’s place. Clear out space in your dresser for their clothes, empty bedroom closets, provide empty hangers, leave empty drawers and shelves in the bathroom for their toiletries, etc. Adding a luggage rack in each bedroom can be an additional special touch that will enhance the hotel-like experience.

  • Electronics and appliances

Be sure that any tech you have in your home is available for your guests to use. That means including a guest account on your Netflix, Prime, Sonos, Spotify, and more. Additionally, indicate where guests can turn on and off various appliances and tech features, and equip your home with standard phone chargers and accessories they may have forgotten.

  • Instructions

Finally, be sure to include instructions about everything in the house, from how to use kitchen items and electronics, to locking procedures, light switches, where to find extra toilet paper and emergency contact info.

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