How to prepare for spring gardening

Feb 26, 2024


Many of today’s luxury homes have outdoor amenities, including beautiful, lush gardens. But to achieve this, one must plan accordingly, and spring is a crucial time to prepare to have a thriving garden in the warmer months. As the cold weather clears from the winter, gardeners have a long to-do list to work through as they get ready for summer. If you are a new gardener and looking to have either a vegetable or a flower garden this summer, here’s what you should do this spring to prepare.

Your garden preparation checklist

Spring spans several months and therefore, various weather conditions. As a result, the gardening to-do list evolves as you move from early to mid and late spring. But here’s how you can get started.

  • Early spring

For gardeners, early spring is not necessarily identified by the first day of spring on the calendar in March. Instead, it is determined by the weather, based on when temperatures are steadily increasing and remaining above freezing. At this time there is maintenance work to be done, including:

  • Clearing dead leaves from the soil in any flower bed areas, as well as any old mulch.
  • Adding a fresh layer of mulch around any perennials you have that are already planted.
  • Trimming and pruning all hedges and trees to give your property a polished look.
  • Planting some vegetables, like potatoes, lettuce, and artichokes so that they will be ready to harvest in the summer.
  • Mid spring

As the weather consistently warms up, you’ll see plants start blooming and growing. At this point, you should be done cleaning and prepping and can begin to start planting.

  • Begin planning any new perennial plants, or adding annuals both in the ground and in pots that can decorate your walkway or porch.
  • This is also the time to plant new trees and bushes if you intend to do so.
  • After you plant, be sure to remember to add a fresh layer of mulch to prevent weeds.
  • Late spring

By late spring and early summer, your plants should be actively blooming and growing, and you will be entering the next phase of planting while also maintaining what is already growing.

  • Remove all dead petals and leaves from existing plants.
  • Add summer annuals that aren’t in bloom yet.
  • Start planting warmer-season vegetables like tomatoes and herbs.

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