Great Thanksgiving Conversation Starters

Nov 9, 2022


It’s finally Thanksgiving! It’s the time of family get-togethers, generous dinners, and tasty desserts. But it also might be a time of awkwardness for some.

Don’t worry.

Thanksgiving has always been a chance for family members and friends to learn more about one another. It’s a time to share stories, tell jokes, and laugh with each other.

And suppose you’re having trouble starting a conversation in a social setting. In that case, we have some suggestions to get those discussions rolling.

Q: What Thanksgiving Tradition Do You Like the Most?

What’s a better way to start a conversation with someone on Thanksgiving than by asking them what their favorite part of the holiday is? 

It’s a straightforward yet simple way for everyone to go around the table and share their favorite aspects of the holiday.

Q: What’s Your Favorite Dad Joke of All Time?

Dad jokes are a staple in American life. Everyone knows one.

Going around sharing dad jokes is one of the best icebreakers that most people rarely use.

Q: Do You Have any Irrational Fears?

Irrational fears are those that creep you out but shouldn’t. And that could be anything from cartoon characters like Mickey Mouse to cheese slices with too many holes.

Disclosing one’s irrational fears could lead to exciting discoveries and humorous talk.

Q: What’s the Best Compliment You’ve Ever Received?

Asking for someone’s best compliments is a charming conversation starter that could lead to someone telling an excellent story.

Comparing the differences in complementary topics, explicitness, and responses based on gender is also compelling.

Q: What’s the Worst Compliment You’ve Ever Received?

On the flip side, this starter could lead to some interesting and weird stories that can hold a lot of humor in them. 

Unfortunately, with this conversation starter, you have yet to learn how the conversation can go.

Q: What’s the Most Out-of-character Choice You’ve Ever Made?

We all make some weird decisions every once in and while. Those decisions make you think, “why did I just do that?” 

And everyone has a story (maybe even multiple stories) that goes that way.

Q: What’s the Smartest Decision You’ve Ever Made?

Believe it or not, this conversation starter can tell you much about the people around you. In addition, it can highlight someone’s values and morals. 

It even tells you a bit about their identity as a person. 

So while it might sound like a typical conversation starter, it’s a profound question and makes someone think about themselves.

Q: What’s Your Anthem?

Everyone has a song that describes themselves, helps them get out of bed, or helps them feel energized throughout the day. But it also goes beyond that.

Knowing someone’s anthem can lead to conversations about their favorite band and genre.

Music is a broad topic. People can spend hours speaking to one another on this topic alone.

Q: If You Were a Turkey Who Was Caught for a Thanksgiving Meal, What Would You Say to Get Out of It?

Perhaps the silliest question on this list, this question requires your guests to do a lot of thinking. And you could get a lot of funny responses from the people around you.

And, of course, like with the other conversation starters on this list, you’ll start peeling back your family members’ and friends’ personalities.

You also get to know what style of comedy they’re into, which could turn into a conversation about their favorite stand-up comedians or comedy movies and tv shows.

That’s Always Ways You Can Keep the Conversation Going

You can always use methods to keep the conversation going with your loved ones. What matters is that you’re putting in the effort, and that’s what most people like to see.

If you’re trying to make an effort to engage with someone, they appreciate the conversation they’re having with you.

Happy Thanksgiving!