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How to Be a Morning Person

Sep 3, 2019

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Do you find yourself dreading your alarm every morning? If your snooze button is tired of being hit, it may be time to change up your schedule. Being a morning person doesn’t necessarily mean you’re an expert at drinking coffee. Work on changing your habits to become a morning person in just a few short weeks. 


Create a schedule. 

Decide when you will start going to bed at night. Night owls are the least likely to be morning people. By choosing to go to bed earlier, you have a greater chance of waking up early and refreshed in the mornings. Plan to go to bed 10-15 minutes earlier than normal and continue pushing it back until you have developed a comfortable routine with enough sleep to wake up on time the next day. 


Avoid electronics. 

Don’t bring your phone to bed, but charge it in the kitchen or bathroom instead. The blue light emitted from electronics affects melatonin levels that make you sleepy, so it is best to avoid using them close to bedtime. By putting them away, you’ll be able to fall asleep faster and won’t have the urge to check notifications in the middle of the night. 


Wake up with natural light. 

Don’t fight the sunlight in the mornings. Keep your curtains open and allow the light to gradually wake you up. If you would rather keep your blackout curtains, there are alarm clocks on the market that produce artificial gradual light to help you wake up. 


Be productive first thing. 

Set some goals to be accomplished as soon as you wake up. Take a 30-minute walk in the crisp morning breeze and come back for a warm breakfast before getting ready for the day. This will increase your alertness as well as your happiness and overall productivity for the day. 


Being a morning person is totally possible! It is all about the discipline and habit changes. Try these small steps and become a morning person in no time.